Schumer sent letter to CBP opposing proposed new Thousand Islands station

Celia Clarke, NCPR on March 23, 2022

New York’s senior Senator opposes a proposed new border station near Wellesley Island.

Environmental groups and residents say the new site would be detrimental to the ecosystem and the local community. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection wants to put a new facility at Fishers Landing on Blind Bay. It’s on the mainland in the Thousand Islands section of the St. Lawrence River.

It would include two large buildings, a parking garage, and new docks.

According to the regional environmental group Save The River, Senator Chuck Schumer sent a letter to the CBP siding with the group and some residents who say the choice is a bad one.

In particular, Schumer said the dredging necessary for new docks would destroy habitat and spawning areas for different fish species. He also said the new border station would ruin the area for residents and visitors to the Thousand Islands community.

An environmental assessment report by the CBP did not mention the potential impact on aquatic wildlife or the local economy. It described the effect of the construction as “negligible” on the area.

CBP hasn’t returned requests for comment.

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