Town of Clayton residents concerned about CPB interest near Dockside Cottages

By 7 News Staff, October 27, 2023

CLAYTON, New York (WWNY) – We have a clarification on a public forum in the town of Clayton Wednesday night.

While residents don’t want to see a Customs and Border Protection facility built at Blind Bay, they’re also upset at talk the project could include something in the community near Dockside Cottages.

That’s just a couple miles south of Blind Bay on State Route 12.

Jefferson County Legislator Bobby Cantwell says his office is next to Dockside Cottages and he has seen surveyors working there.

A site for the CBP facility has not been chosen, but it’s clear locals, lawmakers, and environmental groups do not want to see it built near the water on the north side of Route 12.

The former Bonnie Castle stables site has been pitched as an alternative. It’s on the south side of Route 12 and does not have direct water access.

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